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Parts Cleaning Conference Webinar Series Begins Oct. 7

The 2020 Parts Cleaning Conference educates the industry with a webinar series, offering five presentations from leading manufacturing cleaning companies. Find out how to register.


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2020 Parts Cleaning Conference logo

If your company cleans machined parts, the 2020 Parts Cleaning Conference is worth your time. The conference is the best way to stay abreast of the latest parts cleaning technologies, processes and practices, and this year, you can do it all from your desk. The Parts Cleaning Conference will be presenting a webinar series as part of IMTS Spark, beginning Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 1 p.m. EDT. The weekly conference series is presented by Production Machining, Products Finishing and Modern Machine Shop.

Learn from these cleaning industry companies about how to clean and protect metal parts safely and provide solutions and support to your shop:

EcoClean Group will present “New Cleaning Technologies Developed to Address New Manufacturing Processes

Cleaning Technologies Group will present “Ultrasonic Cleaning Beyond Cavitation and Implosion

Sugino Corp. will present “Benefits of CNC Waterjet for Cleaning and Deburring Parts

Kyzen Corp. will present “Vacuum Degreasing – A Safe and Effective Process for Meeting the Ever-Increasing Cleaning Requirements for Parts AND Precision Components

Jayco Cleaning Technologies

Each session will feature a speaker from the sponsor company as well as a live Q&A. On-demand content and opportunities to network are also part of the experience.

IMTS Spark, a digital experience, is presented in conjunction with Gardner Business Media and features a mix of live exhibitor demos, live interviews, daily updates, hosted shows and Q&A interactions. It launches Sept. 21, and runs through March 15, 2021.

To register for the Parts Cleaning Conference webinar series, you must register for IMTS Spark first and then add the conference to “MySpark Planner.”


  • Cleaning and Corrosion Protection with Solvents

    Protect parts against rust in an efficient and sustainable way.

  • Cleanliness is Indicative of Quality

    Outward appearance is often considered a strong indication of what can be expected of the final product. That’s why this shop goes the extra mile to look good in all areas of its business.

  • Parts Cleaning in a Vacuum

    While not glamorous, cleaning is a necessity for quality parts production. This supplier provides a solution to many of the issues shops face for fast, effective and environmentally friendly parts cleaning.