PMPA Launches Best of Craftsman Cribsheet Series

The Precision Machined Products Association has curated collections of some of the most popular of its brief, practical guides and divided them into sections for technical, safety, shop management and quality.


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Precision machine shops can now access the “Best of Craftsman Cribsheet” series — a specially curated series of articles produced by The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) in collaboration with Production Machining magazine.

The PMPA has been working with Production Machining since the magazine’s inception nearly 20 years ago to provide useful industry knowledge on a range of subjects. Inside each publication is a special section devoted to PMPA issues, including the monthly column “Craftsman’s Cribsheet,” which has been written by Miles Free III, industry veteran and PMPA director of industry affairs, and Monte Guitar, former PMPA technical program director.

The PMPA has curated collections for some of the most popular of these brief, practical guides and divided them into sections for technical, safety, shop management and quality. These topical guides, designed for those in the precision machining industry to apply in their shops, are free here to download and share. Each includes four Cribsheet articles.

“At PMPA, we are the helpers for our member companies,” Free says. “These Cribsheets capture some of our most valuable assists and are, hopefully, being reviewed and kept handy for when a situation arises.”

The columns were designed to be concise, clear and practical shop tips and guides. “We wanted them to be something worth tearing out and keeping,” Free says. Many of these topics have been explored on Free’s PMPA Speaking of Precision blog, which has more than 1,000 posts and nearly 1.5 million views. 

Ideas for the Cribsheet columns come from PMPA member questions, training or visits to companies and shops. “We wanted it to be really useful information, so we focused on topics that aren’t easy to find that can make a difference for the people in shops,” Free says.

This best-of series includes: 

Technical Craftsman Cribsheets — This set contains a glossary of basic gaging terminology; 10 important things to know before working as a CNC machinist; a primer on shops’ wear in metal parts; and three key factors to understand machinability of carbon and alloy steel.

Safety Craftsman Cribsheets — Safety is critical to every shop. This collection explains OSHA inspection priorities; defines 10 must-do safety contracts to start a new year; and shares 12 cardinal rules for shop safety. 

Management Craftsman Cribsheets — Focused on shop management, this collection includes Cribsheets that discuss five buyer decisions that can increase part costs; parts meeting the article exception test for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH); the purpose of work instructions; and how to use the PMPA Business Trends Report to understand your business. 

Quality Craftsman Cribsheets —This set covers the difference between accuracy and precision; eight wastes found in business and manufacturing processes; four aspects of every measurement; and the engine of continuous improvement.