The Challenge of Finding Qualified Team Members

In his “About Your Business” column, Matthew Kirchner considers solutions to the challenge of finding qualified team members.


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Matthew Kirchner

PM’s “About Your Business” contributor Matthew Kirchner.


In the modern workplace, finding qualified team members is the number one challenge. There are several solutions to this, including mining the employees of one’s customer, letting suppliers know about open positions, and having employees spread the word. In his “About Your Business” column Matthew Kirchner considers these different options.

The first is not particularly practical to contract machining outfits, as it could lose customers in the process. The second and third options are better, as they enable the work to be done by someone else. And an even better strategy, according to Mr. Kirchner, is being transparent with potential candidates. He describes a computer gaming company that listed their 100 dream candidates on social media and then sent them personalized messages, with 90 percent of recipients responding in kind.

Ultimately, Mr. Kirchner determines that being on the lookout for people with a knack for customer service and leadership potential is the best recruiting tool. He investigates this approach in his article, “Creative Recruiting Ideas.” Read the full article here.