Seco Adds Courses to 2013 STEP Training Schedule


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Seco Tools is in the midst of hosting free training courses at its North American Headquarters in Troy, Mich., as part of its Seco Technical Education Program (STEP). These courses ensure Seco customers and distributors are up-to-speed on the latest tooling systems and metal cutting techniques. 

“We designed STEP to keep our customers in touch with a rapidly changing industry,” Don Graham, education and technical service manager at Seco, says. “After all, without an in-depth understanding of the new metalcutting technologies on the market, many customers find the decision making process more difficult as the range of tooling systems expands.”    

STEP Courses, which include STEP Into, STEP 1 and STEP 2, are non-commercial blends of hands-on training and classroom discussions, providing students with both practical experience and technical knowledge to maximize the learning process. Furthermore, Seco can adjust its STEP training to suit specific customer demands.

STEP Schedule for Customers:

Date                            Course                        Prerequisite                Registration Deadline

May 21 – 23                STEP 2                           STEP 1                         May 6

June 3                          STEP Into                       None                             May 20

June 4 – 6                    STEP 1                           None                             May 20

July 23 – 25                 STEP 2                          STEP 1                          July 8

Sept. 24 – 26               STEP 2                          STEP 1                          Sept. 9

Oct. 21                         STEP Into                      None                             Oct. 7

Oct. 22 – 24                 STEP 1                         None                              Oct. 7

STEP Schedule for Authorized Seco Distributors:

Date                            Course                        Prerequisite                Registration Deadline

June 10                        STEP Into                        None                            May 24

June 11 - 13                 STEP 1                            None                            May 24

Aug. 13 – 15                STEP 2                            STEP 1                        July 29

Sept. 9                         STEP Into                        None                            Aug. 26

Sept. 10 – 12               STEP 1                            None                            Aug. 26

Nov. 12 – 14               STEP 2                            STEP 1                        Oct. 28

To learn more about STEP and register for upcoming classes, please click here or contact Koni Sarkisian. Please note classes fill up quickly and registration deadlines are subject to seating availability.