Seco Tools Makes Tool Donation to Training Centers and Schools


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CITC Trainer Kurt Carlson (left) discusses the use of Seco tooling with students.


With  emphasis on education, training and strengthening the U.S. manufacturing workforce, Seco Tools, LLC has donated almost half a million dollars in metalworking tools to training centers, community colleges, technical programs and high schools throughout the Midwest and Pennsylvania. The selection of tools included a variety of high quality solid carbide, high-speed steel and cobalt end mills used for milling operations.

“Throughout the year, we perform audits of our warehouse stock to clear out discontinued items, over-produced specials and other products that cannot or are unlikely to be sold in the future,” says Dale Higgins, technical support specialist at Seco. “In the past, we have recycled these tools to recoup a portion of our costs, but this year we decided that giving the entire $412,035 worth of tooling to schools that are training the future workforce is really more valuable to us and to our industry.”

One recipient of Seco’s donation, the Cleveland Industrial Training Center, is a CNC training facility located within an actual manufacturing facility in Cleveland with a second facility in Akron. The centers provide concentrated CNC training that prepares 180 graduates each year with the skills they need to program and run machines and produce accurate parts. The program, in its 22nd year, boasts an extremely high job placement rate. 

“We often get donations, but certainly not of this quantity and quality,” explains Tim Duffy, president of Cleveland Industrial Training Center, when asked about the significance of this gift. “The scope and breadth of what Seco donated will take care of us for years to come for certain categories of tools.”