Shop Updates Equipment to Meet Certification Standards

This article focuses on a shop that needed to attain AS 9100C to accommodate the aerospace and defense industries. To do that, it implemented a CNC centerless grinder.


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CNC centerless grinder The TGS-CL-6020 CNC centerless grinder stood out because its flexibility accommodates requirements that the machine runs a variety of parts and, most likely, two or three different parts and materials per day.


Attaining AS 9100C certification was the logical next move for Grind All Inc. when it started moving into the aerospace and defense industries. This global standard for quality assurance in the aircraft, space and defense industries would allow the shop to offer a complete range of services with its 45 machines, including precision hones, centerless grinders, internal grinders, cylindrical external grinders, surface grinders and flat lapping systems. Obtaining the certification, however, is not easy as processes, characteristics, parts and software must be considered.

The company soon discovered that its Cincinnati 220-8 centerless infeed grinder did not fit the reliability and precision required by AS 9100C regulations. Instead of patching up the Cincinnati or finding an outside source for centerless grinding work, Grind All approached Total Grinding Solutions (TGS) to design and build a machine that would meet the regulations.

TGS provided the TGS-CL-6020, a centerless grinder for both through-feed grinding and in-feed grinding with a min-max diameter of 3 mm to 120 mm, while also modifying the machine controls to mimic what was already in place at Grind All. We published an article that describes the creation of the TGS-CL-6020 and the impact its had on Grind All’s business. Click here to read, “New Centerless Grinder Keeps Shop Moving Forward.”