Slow and Steady Doesn’t Always Win the Race

When it comes to running a business, columnist Matt Kirchner makes a case for rapid growth.


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“Slow and steady wins the race” seems to be conventional wisdom in a lot of situations. But in this month’s About Your Business column, Matt Kirchner makes a case for a different way of doing things: “The faster you go, the more balance you get.”

Mr. Kirchner first became familiar with this lesson when learning to ride a bike. It turned out to be the beginning of his lifelong passion for cycling and a strategy he used when starting his own businesses.

In the column, Mr. Kirchner argues that rapid business growth has many benefits. It gives a company momentum, so that the effects of mistakes are not felt as strongly. It can also help prevent people from dwelling on mistakes, keep teams engaged and make customers more enthusiastic. Read the column here.


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