Studer Awarded the Gold Metal


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The compactness of new Studer S 11 is clearly visible; however, it can punch above its weight class.

At the recently completed Mach show in Birmingham, England, Fritz Studer AG won in the best grinding/finishing equipment category for its new S11 cylindrical grinder. The award is sponsored by the English trade magazine Metal Working Production.  

Introduced at last fall’s EMO, the Studer S11 received a lot of attention. Some of it was for the application of industrial design to machine tools, which is clearly visible in the photo.

But more important is the target market for this machine. According to the company, its 500-mm grinding wheel sports rotary dressing and accommodates workpieces 200 mm long by 50 mm in diameter. While it the smallest machine in Studer’s stable, it does contain many of the technological features of its larger cousins: Granitan as the base material, high-precision linear guides, ballscrew actuation and resolution of 0.00001 mm.  


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