The Benefits of Self-Directed Work Teams

With self-directed work teams, each team of workers is given full responsibility for their work orders—scheduling them and making sure they have the necessary materials to complete the job.


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Daily meetings keep the team focused and the communication open. 

The lean manufacturing practice of self-directed work teams offers many benefits for a shop, including bringing each person working on a team a better understanding of the process. Everyone brings their own “specialty” or unique skill set to the table to create one strong, intelligent force. Learn more the practice by reading “Self-Directed Work Teams Offer Better Efficiency.”


  • A Problem-Solving Approach: One Size Does Not Fit All

    Each day, organizations face challenges to become lean within their shops. Often, the focus of these lean activities is not extended to our management practices. Problem-solving methodology is one such management practice where simplicity is sometimes ignored.

  • Putting your Shop on a Diet: How to Become Lean

    There are strategies involved in achieving lean for a shop, but like going on a diet, lean doesn’t happen overnight and it takes some work on your part to get your shop in shape.

  • Let Them Move the Table

    Empower your employees to make a lot of little changes and improvements to make their job in your machine shop easier. Small increments of improved efficiency add up quickly.