The Most Viewed Products of 2018

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MoldMaking Technology wraps up the year by showcasing the most-viewed products of 2018.


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As 2018 comes to a close, we enjoy looking back to review various aspects of the year. Today MoldMaking Technology brings readers a slide show of the most-viewed products introduced. It is interesting to see that five-axis machining and additive manufacturing are dominant among these 15 products, just as they were the dominant technologies at IMTS in September. Still, EDM, software, mold materials, mold cleaning, mold components, workholding products, and cutting tools are also represented here. Take a few minutes to review what was new in 2018 that resonated most with MMT readers.




  • Putting Safety First Adds Up

    Recognizing several years ago that too many of its machinists were getting bruised and cut from bumping against boring bars and other sharp tools inside its lathes, this company was prompted to look for a simple way to cover these tools and protect its employees.

  • Incorporating Additive into Your Process Mix

    Although many people are intrigued by the process of additive manufacturing, some might be under the assumption that it is beyond the capabilities of a metalworking shop; however, this assumption isn’t correct. Here are some examples of shops that have become proficient with the process, and your shop can, too. 

  • Additive Manufacturing Basics for Turning Shops

    An additive manufacturing expert shares what turning shops should know about the technology, gives examples of how to use it and suggests steps for adopting AM.