3 Predictions for the Future of Manufacturing

In this month’s About Your Business column, Todd Palmer examines three ways in which the manufacturing industry is changing.


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Technological advances are doing more than diminishing old constraints in manufacturing – they are driving major paradigm shifts in the industry. In this month’s About Your Business column, Diversified Industrial Staffing President Todd Palmer examines three predictions from futurist Peter Diamandis about the future of manufacturing.

Mr. Palmer gives a peek into Mr. Diamandis’ vision of the future, where technologies like 3D printers help enable mass personalization, and artificial intelligence can configure custom products. Studios and labs featuring additive manufacturing and easy-to-use design software will democratize inventing for startups and designers. And the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), AI and collaborative robots will serve as the basis of autonomous smart factories.

These shifts are reducing the physical barriers of making things, and Mr. Diamandis believes that they will lead to a boom in the manufacturing industry. To learn more about these predictions, read “3 Major Manufacturing Changes Loom.”