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Video: Micro Insert for Live Tooling on Swiss Lathes

This easy-loading 5-mm I.C. micro insert is designed to run at maximum feed rates and is equipped with fine-pitched densities for high-productivity machining.


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The DiPos Tetra 5-mm micro insert from Ingersoll Machine Tools is an ideal companion for live turning applications on Swiss-type lathes. Double dovetail pockets allow for easy insert indexing—clamps can be inserted in the pocket while affixing the screw, in fact. Double dovetail pocket along with strong M2.0 insert screw promotes ultra-stable insert mounting, particularly when running at high feed rates. Double positive insert geometry offers 0.18-inch axial depth of cut capability with two indexes. Its 0.03-inch integrated wiper flats produce surface finishes as good as Ra 32, and it has a 0.50-2.00-inch cutter diameter range. According to the company, this multi-functional tool does everything—it ramps, plunges, and interpolates, and it does so in an aggressive fashion. Watch the video to see it in action. Learn more about other micro-machining tooling in this article from Production Machining.



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