VIDEO: Rem Sales West Coast Open House

Tsugami/Rem Sales hosted its second annual Technology Center Open House in Fullerton, California, bringing attendees together with company representatives and industry partners. Machine demonstrations and training sessions provided learning opportunities during the two-day event.


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Last month, Tsugami/Rem Sales, LLC hosted its second annual Technology Center Open House in Fullerton, California. Above are video highlights of the 2-day event that consisted of machine demonstrations, consulting sessions and presentations by the company’s long-time industry partners, DP Technology Corp. - ESPRIT and Edge Technologies. Representatives from those two companies presented on “Programming Tsugami Swiss” and “10 Things Everyone Should Know About Bar Feeding.”

Attendees had the opportunity to meet with Rem Sales’ Swiss CNC engineers and local Tsugami specialists. Consulting sessions were open for them to share questions, ideas and drawings of parts. “Our annual Fullerton Open House is the perfect chance for anyone interested in learning more about the capabilities and power of Tsugami to stop in, look at the machines, and speak with our experts,” says Michael Mugno, vice president, Rem Sales.

These Tsugami machines were among those featured at the event:

  • Tsugami BW129Z – a 12-mm, 9-axis split-slide lathe with a simultaneous 3-path control system and dual independent gang slides
  • Tsugami B0326-II – a 32-mm, 6-axis machine for round or prismatic parts, designed to cut cycle time by permitting synchronized operation of the main and sub spindle
  • Tsugami B038T – a 38-mm high performance gang/turret turning center that can perform 7 different types of machining operations involving the front, back and cross spindles
  • Tsugami B0126 – a 12-mm, 6-axis convertible Swiss turn that adds Y2-axis capability to the back tool post for additional flexibility to the B0 configuration