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The February issue of Production Machining includes emphasis topics of EDM and Parts Cleaning with Medical special coverage. Check out the Digital Issue here!


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Production Machining’s February Digital Edition is now available. This issue features emphasis topics of EDM and Parts Cleaning, with special coverage of Medical. For the cover story we visit a shop specializing in small hole making, learning how they select from drilling and EDM for the production of micro-holes, 0.001 inch in diameter or smaller. For our Cleaning coverage, we interview PMTS parts cleaning exhibitors for a preview of what products they will be displaying at the show and what trends they are seeing in the industry.

In our Special Coverage section, we follow a medical device manufacturer that needed to reduce the cost and lead time for a vital surgical device, turning to coolant-free Swiss machining to automate and streamline its processes.

Our Tech Brief this month looks at a fluid reclamation system that features a live bottom unit and a chip blower, reducing chip contact with expensive components while increasing dryness and recovering even more cutting fluid. This month’s Case in Point is about a company that implemented a new inspection system to increase throughput by 75 percent to better meet a customer’s tight lead time demands.

Finally, the Last Word column provides a look at the changes happening in medical device manufacturing and what suppliers in this industry must do to remain competitive.

Check out PM’s February Digital Edition today.

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  • A Primer On Parts Washing—Here’s How To Get Your Parts Really Clean

    Cleaning is loosely defined as the process of removing unwanted contaminants or dirt from a surface. It does not alter the surface physically or chemically. A properly cleaned surface is just the same as it was prior to cleaning, except it is missing the dirt.

  • Continuous, In-Process Washing System For High-Production Machines

    Dan Walters' invention is a part washing machine that attaches directly to the machine tool while occupying about 10 square feet of floor space. The Wheelie Washer is a conveyor-like system that takes the parts through various chemicals and solutions, removing the oil from each part and drying them.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning for Large Lots of Small Parts

    Machining operations such as turning, milling, drilling and grinding leave traces of contaminants behind on workpieces. Ultrasonic cleaning allows for the removal of coolant, chips, polishing paste and other residue in a quick, reliable and economical manner.