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The May issue of Production Machining features an emphasis topic of Metalworking Fluids with special coverage of Multitasking. It also includes the latest Parts Cleaning section and other great technical articles. Check out the Digital Issue here!


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PM 0518 Cover See PM’s May 2018 Digital Edition.


Production Machining’s May Digital Edition is now available. This issue features an emphasis topic of Metalworking Fluids with special coverage of Multitasking. Our cover story uses honing oil as an example while taking a close look at how the proper application of metalworking fluids can significantly impact the quality of high precision workpieces. For our other feature, we review some of the latest multitasking technology, considering where the technology is headed.

Our Tech Brief looks at the factors that must be considered when selecting modern high-performance milling cutters. The first Case in Point is a review of technology that was on display at this year’s Simodec show. This section also reviews an automotive plant’s implementation of a mill-turn machine that reduced setup times to help meet customer demands.

In the Parts Cleaning section, we consider how the correct cleaning chemistry helps shops meet production, quality, personnel safety and environmental requirements.

Check out PM’s May Digital Edition today.


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  • Aqueous Cleaning for Aerospace

    A turbine manufacturing plant phases out an obsolete vapor degreasing system, making the change to aqueous-based cleaning.

  • Determining Levels of Cleanliness

    For precision parts that need to have some type of finish applied to them, inadequate cleaning and pretreatment is the biggest cause of defective painting or plating.

  • Basic Aqueous Cleaning Processes And Selection Criteria

    Parts cleaning, like most metalworking processes, is experiencing ever tightening specifications. Shops must continuously evaluate whether to clean parts in-house or use a supplier. This article looks at current aqueous cleaning processes and suggests criteria for the make or buy decision.