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The November issue of Production Machining features emphasis topics of Milling/Machining Centers and Parts Cleaning, with Special Coverage of Defense/Military. Check out the Digital Issue here!


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November 2017 Production Machining

Check out the November Digital Edition of Production Machining.


November Digital EditionProduction Machining’s is now available. This issue features an emphasis topic of Milling/Machining Centers, for which we look at strategies for and advantages of adding 4th- and 5th-axis capabilities to a 3-axis machining center. We also offer Special Coverage of Defense/Military with a cool story about a shop in Florida that is focused strictly on production of firearms/weaponry components.

For our last Parts Cleaning emphasis of the year, we review three industry cleaning protocol standards and how these requirements play together with customer-specific standards.

This month’s Tech Brief examines minimum quantity lubrication and how to maximize its benefits. Our Case in Point visits a shop that has established a secure, helpful relationship with its machine tool supplier that has proven critical to the shop’s success.

November Digital Edition today.PM’sCheck out


  • Basic Aqueous Cleaning Processes And Selection Criteria

    Parts cleaning, like most metalworking processes, is experiencing ever tightening specifications. Shops must continuously evaluate whether to clean parts in-house or use a supplier. This article looks at current aqueous cleaning processes and suggests criteria for the make or buy decision.

  • Parts Cleaning in a Vacuum

    While not glamorous, cleaning is a necessity for quality parts production. This supplier provides a solution to many of the issues shops face for fast, effective and environmentally friendly parts cleaning.

  • Vapor Degreasing Fluid Meets Aerospace Application Requirements

    The development of environmentally safe, yet effective solvents has kept vapor degreasing at the forefront of cleaning operations for metalworking.