Want to Contribute to Editorial? See our Guide Online

Our newly designed Editorial Submission Guidelines make it simple to understand what content to contribute and how to do so.


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One of the most frequently asked questions we get in the field is, “How can I get published in your magazine?” There are many ways to do so by virtue of the breadth and organization of our editorial offering.

For many years, we have had a contributor’s guide posted on our website. It is designed to define the various departments into which we’ve organized the material that is published every month.

However, we recently rewrote and redesigned our guide, making it much easier to find on our home page and more user friendly. Scroll to the bottom of PM’s home page, and click on “Contribute.”

Clicking that link takes you directly to the Contributor Guide and a detailed explanation of the technical requirements that need to be met, including length, types of topics, illustration specifications and other need-to-know information.

Moreover, there are links to previously published examples of the kind of information that made it to print. Check it out here.