Webinar: Learn About the Next Level of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics covers ultrasonic cleaning beyond cavitation and implosion in a recent presentation that can be found on demand at IMTS spark.


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tank design configuration slide from the webinar

When designing a double boiler tank, multiple wavelength separation between the inner boiler and the outer boiler tank must be considered to be sure there’s good energy transmission for cleaning. Photo credit: Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics.

If you already know the basics of ultrasonic cleaning and are ready for a deeper dive into its technical aspects, you will likely find this webinar titled “Ultrasonic Cleaning Beyond Cavitation and Implosion” to be helpful for gaining knowledge about how to choose the best ultrasonic cleaning unit for your application. John Fuchs, technology specialist, and Josh Kramlick, director of global sales, both from Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, presented on this topic as part of the Parts Cleaning Spark Series, at imts.com.

Several topics the webinar touches on:

  • Appropriate tank size and shape, baskets and fixtures, transducer placement, frequency, power and process
  • Streaming at megasonic frequencies
  • Advanced system configurations, including double boiler and near-field ultrasonic cleaning
  • Thoughts about turbulation, verification of ultrasonic performance and degassing

Register to see this IMTS Spark session here, along with other Parts Cleaning Conference sessions held throughout the month of October and the beginning of November. Once registered, you can watch the webinars on demand, any time after the live presentations. Enjoy!