Webinar: The Advantages of CNC in a Cleaning/Deburring Process

This on-demand webinar from Sugino Corp. offers information on CNC waterjet for cleaning and deburring parts, pressure pumps and nozzle options for the system as well as how to add value to the process.


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Sugino Corp deburring

Sugino Corp.’s webinar included several helpful videos that illustrate how cleaning and deburring is done in one machine. Photo Credit: Sugino Corp.

Combining waterjet cutting and CNC machining center technologies into a multi-purpose cleaning and deburring station brings consistency, repeatability and flexibility to a parts cleaning process. Don Reeder, general manager – sales, marketing and strategic development at Sugino Corp., presented on this topic in his webinar, “Benefits of CNC Waterjet for Cleaning and Deburring Parts,” as part of the Parts Cleaning Spark Series at imts.com. The webinar series is available on demand.

According to Reeder, with cleanliness standards increasing in difficulty each year, CNC-based cleaning machines will likely become the process of choice for OEMs and tier suppliers around the world.

The webinar covers the following points:

  • The many benefits of using a CNC cleaning system
  • Videos that illustrate how the CNC system cleans and deburrs
  • High pressure pumps and nozzle options
  • Adding value to the process
  • How Sugino Corp. can help build the right system for any application

Register to see this IMTS Spark session here, along with other Parts Cleaning Conference sessions held throughout the month of October and the beginning of November. Once registered, you can watch the webinars on demand, any time after the live presentations. Enjoy!