2007 PMTS—Your Future Is Here

The Precision Machined Products Association(PMPA) is pleased to present the fourth biennial Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) April 24-26 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) is pleased to present the fourth biennial Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) April 24-26 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. We, along with our co-presenters Production Machining and Modern Machine Shop magazines, are committed to continually improving this show. The growth in attendance since our inaugural show in 2001 is testament to the value this event brings. Veterans will see this improvement, and “first timers” will wonder how things could have been done differently.

Focused And Lean

The PMTS duration and layout was designed to maximize, not waste, your time. All exhibits are easily assessable and under one roof. You will not need a Segway to get around the exhibit floor. The show is targeted to the precision machining industry; the focus is both precise and accurate. It’s an opportunity to complete your map of activity without the need for podiatry care at the end of the day.

PMTS is a concentration of industry-specific exhibitors who invite you to “kick the tires” and see their machine tools in production mode, examine their tools and view their software programs in action. More than 185 exhibitors will respond to questions and concerns. Every 10 feet will yield another exhibitor who could make the difference in your company’s competitiveness. Consider it a personal shopping spree, but on a human scale. There will be plenty of new equipment and innovative ideas for consideration—all focused on the precision machining niche.

Challenge your creativity. While you may have a list of immediate concerns that you will address, all of the other booths not on your map will speak to another part of your business. These booths will be staffed to answer every last one of your questions.

World-Class Technology And Programming

The exhibit halls will be rife with qualified technical personnel to answer your questions on tooling, maintenance, raw materials, machining methods and troubleshooting. This is the opportunity to see the equipment and tools you need to sustain and help your business thrive. The quest for continuous improvement means learning how to change the way you do things. To accomodate you, PMTS will demonstrate the latest options for consideration. Technical experts from well-known suppliers will be there to share both their equipment and their experiences.

The technical programming sessions developed for this event are nothing short of world class. Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities to “fill your bucket” with the lessons learned from job shops and suppliers. The technical programming was defined by a committee of machine shops and suppliers to the industry.

These sessions were developed with the idea to appeal to a broad group of job functions, including technical, quality and management personnel. “Implementing World-Class Techniques and Technology” is the theme for PMPA’s preceding National Technical Conference (NTC). Both NTC and PMTS sessions were developed by the same group of machining professionals in order to ensure a seamless transition between the events.


You have met foreign competition and have hit it square on with your innovation and savvy business skills. The vision for this show was defined with every parts producer in North America in mind. This is the opportunity to network with like-minded precision machining brethren—craftsmen who share the same interests and concerns as you. We are all in the same boat; this boat just happens to have the dimensions of North America.

You’ve discussed technology and issues via e-mail, wireless mobile communication and snail mail. Now is the time to take those communication modes and turn them into personal connections with the experts in the industry. Use this forum to see the latest technology unique to your industry. Embrace this opportunity to look your supplier and your fellow parts producers in the eye and forge a bond that will strengthen your business.

This show is the ultimate opportunity to harvest the expertise of our entire industry in one place and one time. Find the answer to your quest to produce top quality parts competitively. Bring questions, problems, concerns and successes. There is no other place in the world in April where you can talk to so many machining professionals so conveniently.

Type www.pmts.com in your Web browser to review the exhibitors who will be on hand to answer questions. Be sure to also review the technical sessions that appeal to you and your colleagues. See you in April.