2008: Gone But Not Forgotten

 We present the article achives available online as a tool for researching products, services and processes to help businesses compete.


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 As we bid a fond farewell to 2008, we look apprehensively towards 2009. Thanks to the magic of digital technology, you are only a couple of mouse clicks from an archive of everything we published in the past year and previous years as well.

In the old days, you had to clutter up your work space with back issues to have technical information at your fingertips. Now with the Web, that material is easily accessible in archives and by keyword search.

And if 2009 turns out to be as tough as predicted, there may be more than the usual motivation to find products, services and processes that can make your business better able to survive. For 9 years it has been our charter to bring you articles that can help you help your business become better.

As we turn the page on the old year, I have selected a few of the articles we published as examples that might tempt you to explore the archives further. It is my hope that when you need relevant information or links to company’s that can provide answers to your questions, you’ll remember this valuable resource is only a few clicks away.

Here are some of our picks for 2008. Remember these are only a small sample of the body of work that resides at www.productionmachining.com/articles.

In January: The Change To Quick-Change Collets

Quick-change collets can improve production times and accuracy while alleviating any change-over issues typically associated with standard collets.

In April: Swiss-Type Machines: More Than Just A Lathe

CNC Swiss-Type machines have more capability built in than ever before. Many of these capabilites can be accessed using attachments that increase the throughput of the machine tool, improve the quality of the work coming off the machine and reduce or eliminate the need for secondary operations even for very complex workpieces.

In May: A “Hole” New Ballgame With Multi-spindle Honing Systems

Automating the honing process is key to high-volume precision bore production with sub-micron accuracy.

In June: When To Combine Milling And Turning

Turn/Mill technology enables users to complete a workpiece in a single handling. This article looks at some of the criteria that make the application of this multitasking productive.

In October: Turning Toward The Future

This new machine tool represents the latest in a new generation of CNC multi-spindle automatics. Its development was a clean sheet approach and the results are impressive.

In November: It's Only A Number

A person’s age is often said to be only a number, with overall health and fitness being the truly significant measures. Cutting fluids, like all industrial lubricants, should be held to the same standards—it really is condition that matters. By focusing on that philosophy, a shop can achieve immediate, sustainable cost savings.