A Source to Help Resolve Deburring Issues

Production Machining’s Deburring Zone offers an assortment of learning tools to address many of the issues shops face during this critical post-machining operation.


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At productionmachining.com you can find special-emphasis zones that directly relate to technologies of specific interest. Deburring may be the most critical post-machining operation for ensuring the functionality of a machined part, as well as safe handling of the part, and our Deburring Zone provides an assortment of tools that allow thorough research in addressing most deburring needs in precision machining.

Here's how you can make the Deburring Zone work for you. Let’s say you’re struggling with deburring blind holes in a particularly complex part, or a certain difficult material is creating headaches in meeting stringent finish requirements. There’s a good chance you can find an article in the zone about a shop that faced a similar situation or find a product or process designed specifically for your task at hand.

Visit PM’s Deburring Zone to research new technology trends that are being developed. The zone has a variety of feature articles and case studies that cover many of the issues faced in today’s shops, and each article includes links to related suppliers mentioned within. You can also get a quick look at recently introduced deburring products that may provide exactly what you need.