7/19/2010 | 3 MINUTE READ

Attend IMTS 2010 to Keep a Competitive Edge

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It’s time for a rally cry to revitalize our industry and all of manufacturing. We’ve all been through a lot since the close of IMTS 2008. We’ve lost friends and formidable competitors to a rotten turn of economic events and some in our industry are still struggling to stay in the game. As we begin to see signs of recovery, it is the right time to invest in ourselves and our future.

In a few weeks, the doors will open for an important manufacturing event that will be the place we can sound this rally cry — the 28th edition of IMTS — The International Manufacturing Technology Show at Chicago’s McCormick Place. IMTS is important because manufacturing is important and IMTS is unquestionably the largest manufacturing event in the Western Hemisphere. 
Your attendance is critical — not to the success of the show, but to your future survival. Companies who bring their employees to IMTS tell us they consistently find their team is more motivated, more up to date on technology and trends and more focused on reaching, and even exceeding, their company goals. As your business moves from screw machines to additive processes, from scatter gun marketing to demographic discreteness, or to an increasing investment in productivity with the latest CNC turning, machining or multitasking technology, IMTS is the place you will:
• Get new ideas
• Learn how to successfully implement innovations into your operation to cut costs, increase productivity and improve quality
• Discover new approaches to your current practices
• Analyze best practices and take them home to execute in your operation
• Comparison shop the global leaders in manufacturing technology
• Get practical solutions to your complex problems
• Solve specific manufacturing problems
• Network and discuss hot topics with other manufacturing professionals
• Walk away with answers in your head and hands
• Build future success
Our research says people spend an average of 1.5 days at the show. We know IMTS is a lot of ground to cover in that short time and that the experts you need to see might be spread throughout all 1.1 million square feet of exhibit space. So we’ve organized the show by pavilion, grouping like technology together. Here is a list of pavilions: 
Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing: grinding, sawing, cutoff machines and finishing technology
Alternative Manufacturing Processes: waterjet and laser-based machining and also welding, metal treating and marking equipment
Controls & CAD-CAM: custom automation and the latest software for machine tools
• EDM: For the tool and die industry
• Gear Generation: gear cutting, forming and finishing as well as broaching, shaping and slotting machines
• Machine Components/Cleaning/Environmental: the goods needed to run a plant, from parts to service, and safety and environmental equipment
• Metal Cutting: machining centers, turning centers, drilling, boring, milling and more
• Quality Assurance: metrology and quality equipment 
• Tooling & Workholding Systems: the latest in tooling and workholding systems
In addition to the pavilion layout, our “My Show” tool on IMTS.com lets you search exhibitors by name, by product line, by trade name or by pavilion before you even come to Chicago. It’s also helpful to rank your list into “must see” and “want to see,“ and decide how much time you want to spend with each exhibitor. Your take-away will be an easy-to-follow map for an efficient and effective visit with no backtracking (see page 8 for more information about IMTS.com).
IMTS inspires manufacturers to put money to work through wise investments in technology. So let’s use IMTS to get inspired and send our rally cry for manufacturing mattering. Our economy, our standard of living and our culture depend on it. When you attend IMTS, you maintain a competitive edge. You have to be there to stay in the game. 