Cartridge Approach Saves Money in XRF Analysis

While the X-ray source of an XRF typically lasts only a few months or so, this unit offers low-cost interchangeable cartridges that can be installed right on the shop floor to eliminate downtime.


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For any shops working with metals in their manufacturing processes, particularly those supplying to aerospace, automotive and medical customers where conformance of certification is mission-critical, analysis for positive materials identification (PMI) can play an important role in quality control. The Watson XRF metal analyzer from Tribogenics instantly identifies, analyzes and tests a range of metals and alloys for PMI, scrap metal recycling, quality assurance and quality control. According to the company, it is the first XRF analyzer priced below $10,000.

In “A New Look at Material Verification,” published last year, we took a closer look at this unit, detailing some cool features including the field-exchangeable and auto-calibrated X-ray source cartridges. This feature alone can save significant expense when it comes to downtime.

Tribogenics recently released its next-generation model that includes automated upload of data to the cloud and a newly attained CE Mark that makes the product available worldwide. Dale Fox, the company’s CEO, says, “This next-generation Watson XRF represents an unrivaled combination of power, performance and price that is poised to up-end the mobility X-ray market.”