Collaboration for Success

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The metalworking industry is constantly being challenged on how to compete in today’s fast moving economy. As we begin to see the economy rebound, manufacturers need partners that will help them gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Sandvik Coromant works hard to ensure growth potential for our customers. We continue to improve the way we help customers meet and exceed their goals, while delivering increased productivity and competitiveness.

Manufacturers today have a wealth of resources and support at their disposal. Sandvik Coromant is excited to usher in this new era of manufacturing, helping our customers take advantage of rapidly advancing technologies and processes.

Our large investment in research and development delivers advanced solutions, but the technologies themselves are only a part of the solution. Our expert team members across the world are the heart of our organization and the ones who deliver the knowledge, experience and training to keep our customers ahead of the game. With productivity centers located worldwide, partnerships with other industry leaders, and countless other value services, the benefits are boosted even further.

Beyond our substantial R&D investments, we never stop looking for ways to better leverage our global resources for customers on a local level. A new simplified business structure, which considers the entire relationship between manufacturers and their suppliers, is another step toward this goal. Announced in March, this new structure is designed to accelerate growth and increase efficiency. The idea is to narrow the gap between Sandvik Coromant decision makers and our customers, where needs are first identified.

Working globally at the local level will create an organization that will promote greater cross-border cooperation, ultimately helping to drive more creative solutions, better and faster decisions, and generate diversified views. 

This change is right in line with our customer relations efforts. As a company, we take a comprehensive, consultative approach to improving manufacturing efficiency—and the tooling itself is just the beginning. Our customers need sophisticated and advanced technology, engineering and application support, training and programming solutions to ensure continued growth. When our global teams work together in a more collaborative, organized fashion, it means even more efficiency, flexibility and profit for our customers.

This cooperation will strengthen our already solid R&D programs and our global value services. Delivery, productivity improvement programs (PIP), recycling initiatives, machine investment consultations, manufacturing economics efforts and training, all stand to gain additional resources—a direct advantage for our customers.

U.S. customers will have access to expanded resources and knowledge from our teams around the globe, in addition to several other exciting developments. Our revamped global website will offer an optimized, streamlined way to browse products, get news, download literature and generally learn more about improving manufacturing productivity.

The new Sandvik Coromant productivity center in Cypress, Calif., joins four others of its kind in North America, all of which help our customers become more productive by discovering new, innovative ways to approach their machining operations. These productivity centers offer a balance of theory-based training courses, technical seminars and hands-on machining demonstrations, all with the guidance of expert instructors and support staff. Visitors can even get application-specific insights to help with their individual machining challenges.

Our free Smart Events, which are hosted at technical centers and machine tool partners across North America, offer new programming techniques, tooling technologies and industry-specific strategies.

As we continue to move forward, our ultimate goal is to achieve our vision of providing the best possible customer experience in which we’re not only a tooling supplier, but a solid, comprehensive technology partner delivering competitive solutions.