12/8/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

Commitment To Quality

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Increased demands for quality have led tooling manufacturers in a new direction.


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The edge in gaining business is often determined by a company’s ability to deliver quality products. When it comes to designing and developing products for demanding and challenging markets such as aerospace, medical and power generation, consistency, precision and performance become even more critical. And increasingly global sourcing requires more verification that parts meet quality requirements before using them.

In an effort to demonstrate its commitment to quality, Toolmex Corporation has opened a Quality Assurance Lab (QAL) dedicated to developing and manufacturing increasingly higher quality products to improve customer productivity. The QAL was set up to support product innovation research and development as well as to test and certify the on-going manufacturing consistency of the company’s products. With this lab, Toolmex would like to differentiate its product offerings with greater value, precision and performance.

Located at the company headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, the lab contains state-of-the-art equipment to test virtually any aspect of precision, durability and performance. It is aimed at continuous improvement while providing verified and published tolerances and performance, product traceability, low returns, lower liability risk, lower yield-loss ratios for lower product costs, and greater customer satisfaction.

Toolmex formed a cross-functional QA development team to integrate the QAL policies and procedures into virtually every operating aspect of the company, including product engineering, product development, sales and marketing, customer service and support, and distribution. The team is led by quality assurance personnel and is staffed with dedicated QA technicians.

The lab enables Toolmex to test virtually any aspect or criteria of tooling precision, durability and performance, including hardness, outside and inside dimensions, chuck runouts and thread accuracy and dimensions.

Combined with the company’s lines of workholding products, milling cutters and lathes, the QAL helps Toolmex provide a total quality solution to its customers’ metalworking needs.


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