Consider Capacity Sharing

The Internet is an amazing tool.

The Internet is an amazing tool. It is connecting people and companies in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago. A new start-up in Lexington, Kentucky, is providing an online marketplace for manufacturers to connect in order to buy and sell production capacity by the hour.

The company is called Make Time. It’s founder and CEO Drura Parrish says, “For many machine shop owners, the seasonal fluctuation of workloads has always been the problem. Some months are so crazy busy that jobs may have to be turned down or delayed. Some months are anxiety-inducing slow. Make Time’s capacity-sharing model is a solution to smoothing out production peaks and valleys.”

By creating a capacity marketplace for shops, time can be purchased on someone else’s machine until it is clear that the job is permanent enough to justify a capital investment. Likewise, if your shop has capacity available, it can be monetized through the marketplace so machines are not idle. It’s a win-win scenario for smoothing production variations and made possible by the interconnectivity of the Internet.

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