6/21/2010 | 1 MINUTE READ

Cutting Tools--There's a Site for That

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June 2010 PM E-Newsletter

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Last week, we had an office visit from Bjorn Roodzant, director of communications for Sandvik Coromant. One of the reasons for his stopping by was to let us know about a new website the company has set up to help shops get answers to cutting tool questions. I took a look at it, and there is some very good technical information on the site. It’s called MyYellowCoat.com.
Feeds, speeds, rake angles, tool nose radii and coatings are among the most frequently asked questions that I hear from readers. Trying to optimize a metalworking process is a never ending quest for most shops looking to increase tool life and improve throughput on the shop floor. This new Sandvik site is designed to be a resource to help answer these questions. New articles, videos and productivity tips are published several times a week on the site.
One of the neat things about this resource is that you can access the information for free and anonymously; no salesman will contact you until you ask. The new site is designed for easy navigation—you can sort content by industry, machine type or application. There is also a key word search function to help zero in on the specifics you’re looking for.
Like many companies committed to the success of the metalworking and manufacturing base of the U.S., Sandvik understands that its success depends on the success of the industries it serves. Putting its cutting tool experts at the service of the industry through tools such as MyYellowCoat.com is one way to help accomplish this. I for one am putting this site on my favorites list. Perhaps you should, too.