Digital Manufacturing Rolls On

Digital Manufacturing promises to be big at IMTS. Although this concept is in the process of being formed and implemented, this article looks at one standard that's already in place.


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For anyone attending IMTS in September, odds are there will be no way to avoid digital manufacturing. From what I read and hear, it will be among the most pervasive buzzwords at this year’s edition.

Included in it are the monikers of Industry 4.0 and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Much about these concepts is in the process of being formed and implemented, making them not quite ready for general use.

However, there are some initiatives that are seeing the light of day and hold potential value now for many manufacturing shops. One of those is the ISO 13399 initiative that exists and is gathering participants.

This new digital manufacturing standard involves cutting tool manufacturers and has the potential to provide guaranteed data quality that engineers specifying cutting tools can rely on. It’s a good, early step in showing the potential benefits that digital manufacturing can bring to the real world.

The PM article "A New Standard Enables Digital Manufacturers" explains in detail how this new standard works and how it can be a benefit to metalworking manufacturers.