Explore New Technologies at IMTS

"We are excited for visitors to witness the expansion of additive manufacturing and to explore the digital manufacturing systems."


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What are the newest technologies that can boost your shop’s productivity? How can you integrate those technologies with your existing equipment? What types of technologies have seen added features and other improvements? You can get answers to all these questions at IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show 2016 (Sept. 12 – 17), the perfect venue for production machining companies to find exactly the technologies that will help their businesses thrive.

The advancements in additive manufacturing, advancements in automation technology, as well as data integration on the shop floor are three of the industry’s top technology trends, and they will be in the spotlight at IMTS 2016. Visitors will see more hybrid machines that integrate additive manufacturing with traditional cutting processes and integrated process automation for improving quality, saving time and expediting production.

Likewise, advancements in software and ERP systems are helping many manufacturers gain a competitive edge while also addressing critical needs. In the safety-critical aerospace, automotive, and medical industries, these technologies can track where a part went and when, as well as what happened to it. Shops are expanding their use of data and tracking technologies to monitor cost, materials, service and customer buying routines.

Advancements in traditional machines can also make a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. At IMTS 2014, Circuit Check Product Support Engineer Brian O’Dell evaluated large format gantry milling machines and met an exhibitor whose technology reduced his existing process from 75 minutes to 18 minutes. “What wowed me most at IMTS 2014,” he recalls, “was the number and range of CNC machine manufacturers. It’s a big and serious toy store for those of us who want to improve our methods.”

Start your visit to IMTS at the Emerging Technology Center (ETC), a “must-visit” attraction, renowned for showcasing disruptive technologies impacting manufacturing for years to come. In 2014, the ETC caught the world’s attention as the production site of the world’s first 3D printed car.

“This year, we are really excited for visitors to witness the expansion of additive manufacturing into the biomedical and housing markets, to explore the digital manufacturing systems and ‘smart’ control of factories, and to examine even more advanced and flexible automation and robotics,” says AMT V.P. – Manufacturing Technology Tim Shinbara. “The ETC puts perspective on the advancement trends in manufacturing technology. Visitors come to experience what’s on the horizon, speak to the experts and even take home practical tips to implement immediately.”

Mr. Shinbara says this year’s ETC will feature the debut of AMT’s exclusive manufacturing technology-specific beta search application. Built on the powerful analytics engine, MTInsight, this application will search specific and obscure advancements within the industry to equip shops with industry intelligence to gain the competitive edge.

Visitors will also discover what the “smart factory” means for the entire economy, including how manufacturing operations are striving to act as a single, homogeneous network that incorporates machinery, automation and integration components, and ERP systems. They can also learn how the connected factory will leverage the cloud to bring shopfloor data to mobile devices, and even begin to envision how a facility can be set up so that order quantity is irrelevant. “This means that in the future, manufacturers will be able to produce a one-off item with the same efficiency as a batch of 1,000, moving closer to the consumer demands for mass customization,” Mr. Shinbara says.

The U.S. manufacturing industry is one of the most exciting, innovative and vibrant places to begin and build a career. Students are encouraged to attend the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2016, a free, week-long event with more than 50 hands-on exhibits. Providing a fun and interactive environment to see the exciting innovations in manufacturing technology and dynamic careers in the industry, the Student Summit also features the Smartforce Career Launch Pad to help students find a manufacturing internship or job.

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