For Your Viewing Pleasure

Watch videos that offer IMTS 2014 round-ups.

Ours is a multi-media world. Being grounded in print publishing, I accept that ink and paper are only one of many means to convey information.

To that end, I have attached a link to our YouTube page and on it, you will find several recent postings that were prepared for the recently concluded IMTS in Chicago. There was much to see at the show, and I think we’ve captured some of the highlights.

At the Advanced Manufacturing Center, which was also the Gardner Business Media booth at the show, five important manufacturing trends were identified and presentations made on each. These are encapsulated in videos that the link below will take you to.

In addition, several of our manufacturing editors were interviewed during the show and asked to describe what is happening in our respective market segments. These interviews are posted on IMTS TV for your information.

Take a little time and click here to see and hear the takeaways from Production Machining, Mold Making Technology, Automotive Design and Production as well as Modern Machine Shop that summarize IMTS 2014.