Give Yourself A Gift


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Once a year, after putting our blood, sweat and tears into creating what we hope is a compelling monthly magazine, we ask you to tell us if it has all been worth it. It’s like the vote you cast last month, only we don’t run obnoxious negative ads.

Many of you have a renewal card attached to the cover of this month’s issue of Production Machining. That card is your “ticket” to 12 more issues of the magazine through 2007. For your business, PM is like a gift that keeps on giving. However, you have to give this gift to yourself. Here’s how it works.

PM is different than many other magazines that you may receive at home or work. Unlike magazines such as Forbes, National Geographic, Time or Sports Illustrated, we are a trade magazine. Content-wise, that means we present material that relates to a specific trade—in our case, precision machined parts manufacturing.

Perhaps an even more significant difference between PM and those other magazines is the subscription fee. While you pay to get other magazines, you receive our magazine free of charge.

Why free, you may ask? Well, it’s because you are a “qualified” recipient. Not everyone is qualified to receive Production Machining. We use a variety of criteria to qualify our recipients. The circulation is controlled so that only people who, like you, are involved in precision machined parts manufacturing and have influence over the processes used in a shop can get this magazine. That’s why your name is on the mailing label.

However, it’s not a totally passive subscription. Once a year, we ask for your help to keep the subscription up to date and coming to you for the next year. It’s not a difficult request.

Perhaps you blew by the subscription card attached to the cover of this month’s issue. Maybe you ripped it off to see the nice multi-spindle photograph on the cover. It’s OK if you don’t have the card. The card’s primary function serves as a reminder from us to sign up for PM for another year. We’ve tried to make it easy for you with three different ways to renew.

First, you can simply renew your subscription online. A visit to our Web site, www.productionmachining.com/subscribe, brings up a page with easy-to-follow directions. Follow the steps and within a minute or so, you’ll be current on our circulation list and will continue getting the magazine through 2007.

If you prefer, and still have the renewal card from the front cover, fill out this card and fax it to us at (513) 527-8830.

The third way to keep your subscription coming is to fill out the renewal card, sign it, and drop it into the good old U.S. mail. There is no postage required. Then, you can sit back, enjoy the holidays and know your January issue will arrive shortly after the first of the month.

While thinking about the holiday season, if you have one or more colleagues who you think would benefit from a personal copy of PM, pass this information to them so they can subscribe, too. Throughout the next year, if you find only one good idea for your business in the pages of PM magazine, that certainly would cover the price of a subscription. Wouldn’t it?

Thank you for your loyal readership, and please feel free to contact us about how we can better serve you. Happy holidays from the staff at Production Machining.