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As it has every other year since 2001, PMTS convenes at the convention center in Columbus, Ohio. April 21-13 will be its eighth edition. The show is an industry event focused on the manufacture of precision machined parts that is unique to the North American marketplace. There are many manufacturing trade shows, but none which cover this segment of the industry as well as PMTS.

This show is in its ascendency with a record 260 exhibitors registered (as of the end of February). Even through the recession (we all remember that), PMTS has continued to grow year over year. In fact, the last edition in 2013 was voted by Trade Show Executive as the “Fastest 50 Class of 2013,” a growth path that continues this year.

We prepared this issue of Production Machining to act as a show-in-print guide to provide a taste of some of the products and services that will be on display and demonstrated on the show floor. However, it is only a taste. Visiting the exhibitors is so much better than reading about them.

In our interconnected world of internet, email, social media and teleconferencing, research into specifics that deal with industry-related products and services requires a foreknowledge of those products and services. That’s a prime function of a trade magazine and a focused trade show such as PMTS. We do the culling process for you so your time is spent on products, services and educational sessions that are useful to your business.

I’ve talked to numerous exhibitors who show at bigger, broader trade shows, and each talks about the efficiency of PMTS by comparison. Visitors to this show are in the industry and little time is needed to explain what a shave tool or Swiss-type machine is. Virtually every attendee is a prospect because you are at the show with a purpose.

PMTS is structured to accommodate many reasons for attendees to make the trip to Columbus. To begin with, the show dovetails into the National Technology Conference held by the show’s sponsor, PMPA (Precision Machined Products Association), which represents the industry. The National Technical Conference is held before PMTS, and on Tuesday, April 21, several of its technical presentations are scheduled from 8:15 to 9:15 a.m. and 9:30-10:30 a.m. that day in adjacent conference rooms before the doors open for the show floor.

Education and educational sessions are an important component of PMTS. With so many from the industry in one place at one time, it has been a tradition to offer educational opportunities in addition to industry-germane products and services.

Process knowledge is available to attendees throughout PMTS. This year, seven live showfloor demonstrations are scheduled by industry-leading companies. Details and schedules are available in the brochure given at registration.

New to PMTS this year are knowledge centers. There will be eight of these sessions, which are brief, interactive presentations held on the show floor. They are intimate and limited in size, with presentations led by industry experts on many topics that affect manufacturers.

Each day, a newly added knowledge center will present practical uses for additive manufacturing from a job shop perspective. Additive Manufacturing is a process that many are curious to learn more about, and the presentation by C&A Tool takes this emerging technology from the lab to the shop floor with insights about how the technology fits today’s shops.

There are many moving parts to this year’s PMTS. As it has for the last several editions, the Parts Cleaning Conference and Pavilion (PCx) is co-located with PMTS. This show within a show has been popular with attendees concerned with meeting ever stricter standards for cleanliness in industries served such as medical, aerospace and automotive. There is a robust conference program attached to the PCx pavilion.

On Thursday, your PMTS admission badge will provide access to another co-located trade show—the Metalcasting Congress. This is an industry focused show that features the latest technology for manufacturing castings and associated processes. 

As you can see, there is a lot to PMTS in addition to the products and services usually associated with a trade show. After a day of discovery, attendees are invited to join vendors, customers and prospects for a networking happy hour at 4 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday. The table is set for a worthwhile experience. All that is needed is you.