I Think You'll Enjoy This


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Most of us, well truthfully almost all of us, can’t remember World War II. That’s because the generation that fought that fight (some say the last “good war”) is dropping like flies. One of those flies was my father-law, Tom Magee. He passed last fall at the age of 93, and to me, his family and friends, he represented a life well led.

In our April issue of PM, I write about Tom and reflect a bit on his impact on my life because he gave me a start in metalworking that has become my life’s work. However, as you read my column, you’ll understand that Tom, like so many of his generation, saw things in war and peace that many of us cannot imagine. Tom Brokaw called Tom and his peeps “The Greatest Generation” because of what it endured and how this generation endured it.

I whole heartedly agree. Tom was to me and many, a mentor, a touchstone and an example. He represents a life well lived, and I hope you read "A True Metalworking Hero" to learn more about Tom's story.