If Not Now, When?

April PM E-Newsletter


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There is a bandwagon moving through the precision machined parts industry, and it’s moving toward micro-machining. Already, this technique is helping shops weather the storm of off-shoring and recession.
If your shop isn’t into micro-machining yet, it may be time to learn something more about it. There is a good opportunity coming up from May 11-13 to do just that. It’s called MM Live U.S.A., which is being held at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati.
Admission is free and the line up of speakers who will discuss numerous aspects of micro-machining is impressive. See the detailed agenda for the micro-machining track.
MM Live U.S.A. is one of three tracks rolled into one event. It’s a part of PDX/Amerimold, which incorporates the established MoldMaking Expo and Time Compression Expo, making it a three for one opportunity for attendees. 
Precision machined parts manufacturers must innovate to compete in today’s global economy. That means finding a niche where there are fewer competitors. Micro-machining is currently one of those niches, and it is growing fast. The micro-machining bandwagon is rolling, and it’s the smart shop that realizes now is the time to jump on. MM Live U.S.A. is a good place to start if you’re not there and a good place to learn more if you are.