It's Time



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April may seem very distant as most of us look out on our winter wasteland but it’ll be here soon. I say this because April 19-21 is when our show, PMTS, takes place in Columbus, Ohio. I call it “our show” because its focus is exclusively on the precision machined parts industry. And it’s a tight focus that guarantees you won’t waste time wandering through aisles of irrelevent stuff.

Not only are most of us digging out from a historic winter, but also we’re digging out from a historic recession. Most accounts I read say the domestic manufacturing is booming and, by many measures, leading the recovery. The numbers are good.

My shop visits and conversations indicate that our segment of manufacturing—precision machined parts—is especially robust at this time. The reasons may be varied but the reality is, we’re back! Well, certainly close to back.

With that in mind, I implore you to consider sending your people and yourself to PMTS to look at what’s available to help us sustain recovery momentum. Much of our segment’s success is in no small part due to investments in automation, capital equipment, software, tooling and process improvements that are now reaping benefits.

PMTS exhibits and technical conferences create an efficient venue for learning what others are doing to keep their recovery momentum going and discover those things you maybe didn’t know you could use in the effort. For the first time, a Technical Theater will be up and running with regularly scheduled demonstrations from industry leading companies. For a schedule of PMTS events, click here.

Also, if you’ve been to PMTS before, check out the new Parts Cleaning Pavilion, PCx. If this will be your first visit to the show, visit PMTS.com to find out what you need to know to make the experience hassle free. It’s our show and it’s our time.