Keeping Business in America

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Every American can help their country recover from the worst economic recession since the Great Depression by purchasing products that say “Made in America” when possible. This will create more jobs in our country, helping reverse our economic decline while allowing our industrial infrastructure to start being rebuilt and reinforce America’s world competitiveness.

We do not need economic barriers to protect American industries. We live in a world economy where free trade is essential for world peace. We simply need to apply ourselves to the task of helping each other prosper in this great country.

The vast majority of Americans want to work. Buying American-made products when possible will create many more meaningful jobs in the private sector. A major consequence of this initiative will go a long way in halting the decline of the vital middle class, which has been gradually eroding over the last 30 years.

Collectively, we all want a better future for our children in a strong, free economic country where everyone who works hard and applies him or herself can be a part of the American dream. This is all about jobs where families can provide for themselves and not depend on the handouts from their government. When people have jobs, communities are strengthened and prosper. The whole attitude of our country is elevated to a higher level.

A strong, middle class is essential for America to remain a free society and be prosperous in the future. Our forefathers, who fought and died for our freedom, knew this, and we as Americans need to do whatever possible to ensure this spirit remains strong in the hearts of future generations.

A large part of the wealth of our nation is generated by our private sector creating useful products from raw materials. By doing this, we create long lasting jobs and help our economy grow and flourish.

Our country needs leaders in the private and public sectors to be committed to working together for the betterment of our total society and not for their own individual greed or political agendas. When America works together for a common purpose, like putting a man on the moon or defending our nation from future outside terrorist attacks after 9/11, we all collectively are the beneficiaries.

The Wilson Bohannan Lock Company celebrated its 150th Anniversary last year.

It was founded in 1860 in Brooklyn, New York, by my wife’s great-great-grandfather, Wilson Bohannan. My wife’s grandfather, Wilson Bohannan Tway, moved the factory to Marion, Ohio, in 1927. Mr. Tway wanted to be more centrally located to distribute products to an ever-increasing customer base.

Our family business is an example of an American company that has stayed exclusively in America: It has manufactured 100 percent of its brass padlocks here.

I started working at WB Locks in 1973 in the accounting department working for my father-in-law, Stewart Norris. He was a C.P.A., a Marine and a fine teacher of the best conservative business values. I have been the president of our company for the last 16 years and am the sixth-generation family member to manage WB.

Our company has purchased high tech machinery and equipment to help us compete with padlocks manufactured all across the world. It has been our policy, since I have been managing the company, to constantly put our money back into our business to continuously modernize our facilities. We operate debt free, and I strongly believe one should constantly recession-proof their business. Our innovative manufacturing techniques and high end automation improvements have allowed WB to remain competitive while offsetting the dramatic increases we have experienced in our raw material costs over the last 10 years.

Our workforce is composed of many fine people who have worked for WB for many years to make our company the success it is today. Part of our workforce is composed of members of the United Steelworkers of America. Combined, our total workforce is approximately 60 employees.

The Wilson Bohannan Lock Company is committed to making the finest padlocks in the world, in America. This assures the money we generate stays home, helping to create additional jobs for our fellow Americans.