Last Word from EMO 2013

October E-Newsletter


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I received a final report from the folks that put on EMO 2013, the huge manufacturing trade show held last month in Hannover, Germany. I attended it as best as I could, which means I couldn’t see everything.

This show is the largest of its kind in the world and while it lasts for 6 days, I’m not sure 16 days would be enough to see everything on display. So we do our best to cover it by attending press conferences and events where what’s new and different is presented to the anxious press corps.

Reports from these meetings will be filtering out to you in the pages of Production Machining magazine as time goes on. I posted a blog, wrote a column and follow-up pictorial of some of the new technology I saw at EMO, but these don’t really do justice to size and breadth of the show.

So as a way to try and illustrate something of the flavor of this trade show, I am sharing a newsletter sent to me by the show sponsors that summarizes the goings on at EMO 2013. Click here to see what they put together.