Machine Tool Shopping at Your Shop

June E-Newsletter


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Ours is an industry of tools. We use them to create wealth by adding value to less valuable raw materials. The selection and sophistication of tools available to manufacturers has never been more expansive. But for many shops looking to invest in a new machine, a nagging question is whether or not they found the best machine for their application.  

To streamline capital equipment research and help in the selection of information about specific builders and models that may be of interest to our readers, Production Machining has integrated an online database called Techspex within our website. Over the past 16 years, Techspex has welcomed more than 1 million visitors to its database. Most of these visitors are from manufacturing companies with less than 50 employees.

The basic idea behind Techspex is to provide a neutral resource for visitors to research more than 600 brands and 7,500 new machine tool models contained in its database without leaving the shop. Its primary database interface is organized by machine type, and from that, the visitor can drill down by specifications to individual builders and distributors than can provide the best fit machine tool.  

The site also allows for an apples to apples comparison between brands and models of machine tools to help create a more informed decision about which is the best fit for a shop’s specific needs. The ability to do thorough research using an unbiased and constantly updated research tool makes for a much more informed potential customer when the short list of candidates is compiled.