Member Profile: Chase Brass & Copper Company

Chase Brass & Copper Company’s commitment to its customers is evident based on its long history dating back to 1837, when it was originally called Hitchcock Button Manufacturing Company.

Chase Brass & Copper Company’s commitment to its customers is evident based on its long history dating back to 1837, when it was originally called Hitchcock Button Manufacturing Company. Chase Brass, with manufacturing in Montpelier, Ohio, is now a subsidiary of Olin Corp. (NYSE: OLN) and continues to focus on future customer needs.

Chase Brass manufactures brass rod in various alloys, configurations, sizes and lengths. Its production of high-quality brass rod allowed Chase Brass to be recognized as the first domestic brass rod producer to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification. Chase’s free-machining Blue Dot brass rod is produced with UNS 36000 specifications. Blue Dot products provide excellent lead dispersion for enhanced machinability with thread-rolling capability, so customers can achieve an increase in parts produced per machine hour. In response to new legislation requiring lead-free materials for plumbing products, Chase Brass has licensed the Eco Brass alloy and is producing the first non-leaded machinable Green Dot brass rod.

Chase brass rod is used by manufacturers to produce a variety of products, such as plumbing fixtures and fittings, decorative hardware, components for the electrical and electronics industry and industrial machinery and equipment. The transportation industry uses Blue Dot rod in anti-lock brake systems, tire valve stems, thermostats and temperature sensors. Pole-line hardware for the cable television industry is also made from Blue Dot brass rod.

To help it stay on top of its customers’ demands and the latest news and developments in the precision machining industry, Chase Brass uses every aspect of its PMPA membership benefits.

“PMPA is the gateway of information to help us understand the needs of the industry,” says Jim Palmour, vice president of sales, Chase Brass. “It’s also a forum to strengthen relationships. PMPA connects us with owners of companies, but also helps us get in touch with people from the technical side.”

While Mr. Palmour is an advocate of all PMPA membership offerings, he is especially partial to PMPA’s annual technical conference. Palmour appreciates how the conference provides an opportunity for members to hear other members’ real-world experiences about what is happening on shop floors. Round-table exercises also are invaluable because they are hands-on, allowing members to bring pertinent information back to their companies. “It’s like anything in life; you get out of it what you put into it.”

He also finds the annual meeting an educational business tool. “I like that the speakers discuss ideas directly related to developing the company and employees’ personal skills.”

Mr. Palmour encourages Chase Brass employees to be involved in PMPA. Employees on the technical side attend the technical conference, while sales personnel are required to attend various conferences held throughout
the year.

Another avenue for tapping into the precision machining industry that Chase Brass uses is the PMPA listserves, which is the number one PMPA service used by the company. A designated person at Chase Brass monitors the listserve on a daily basis and e-mails relevant information to Chase Brass employees.

“The PMPA listserve is one of the best tools offered by any association that we belong to. It provides opportunities for members to address questions and concerns on a timely basis, serving as a vehicle for providing quality service to its members,” Mr. Palmour says.

From a management point of view, Palmour finds that his company’s PMPA membership is a source of continuing education for employees. Membership not only provides benefits such as listserves but it also fosters professional growth that is needed for a cutting-edge company like Chase Brass.

Chase Brass & Copper Co. Inc. is located at 14212 County Road M-50, Montpelier, Ohio 43543. Phone: (419) 485-3193. Fax: (419) 485-5945 Web site: