Metals Information And Sales Sites

Metals Information And Sales Sites


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Corrosion Source (www.corrosionsource.com): What is it about corrosion you want to know? Odds are, this Texas-based site will have your answer. Heck, it might even ask some questions for you. From directories of suppliers to technical information, from online utilities and tools to more relevant links than you can shake your mouse at, this site is "Corrosion Central."

MatWeb (www.matweb.com): It's awfully refreshing when someone delivers on a promise, don't you think? MatWeb stands for Materials Web, and they bill themselves as "The Online Materials Resource." And guess what? They really, really deliver the goods. MatWeb is, simply put, a materials information database with data on about 25,000 materials including metals, plastics, ceramics and composites. Some areas require registration. We could go on about its calculators or its searches by multiple criteria, but it wouldn't do this amazing resource justice. Go there about and give it a whirl to appreciate it.

Metal Suppliers Online (MSO) (www.metalsuppliersonline.com): Do you buy metal? If so, keep a bookmark on this site. MSO was one of the first online metals services. You gotta love these guys. The site gives you the scoop on more than 2,500 North American metals producers. There's a nifty interface for viewing the properties of more than 5,000 ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as the best crop of other online utilities we've seen in a while. MSO is free, and registration is required to receive quotes and other information from suppliers. It has undergone a radical face lift recently, and it's a beauty. MSO also offers free software downloads to assist