More Machining, Less Time


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The latest features of Edgecam CNC software (2012 R1) were recently highlighted at the Innovation for Productivity event, held at Mazak's European technology center in the UK. The event was held in partnership with Mazak, Sandvik, CG Tech Vericut, 3Dconnexion and Edgecam.

The demonstration of the software showed a sample application that took advantage of the new Waveform Roughing Strategy to cut cycle time from 63 minutes to 18 minutes while improving the metal removal rate from 30 cubic centimeters per minute to 135 cubic centimeters per minute.

According to Mike O'Neill, Edgecam engineer, the Waveform Roughing Strategy is the software's biggest innovation for several years and is included in the standard license. Along with the improved metal removal rate from the constant tool load path and smooth toolpath pattern, the new feature is designed to provide greater stability, more precise machining and improved tool life. The improved surface finish can also eliminate secondary cutting cycles.

Mr. O'Neill adds that the latest software version also allows multi-threading toolpaths and background processing, as well as upgrading the five-axis cycle to 64 bit. "Background processing frees the operator to undertake other tasks and has dramatically reduced downtime," he says.

According to Rob Lightfoot, of CG Tech Vericut (which has a seamless interface with Edgecam to verify NC code before it is transferred to the machine), “The software ensures that manufacturers get prototypes right the first time, every time, overcoming issues of proof parts costing too much in terms of setting up, scrap, broken cutters, wasted program time and machine downtime.”

Edgecam’s website provides a video comparing the waveform roughing cut with that of a traditional tool path. To learn more about the software and the company itself, visit the Edgecam showroom on


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