New Facility Demonstrates Growth


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I recently returned from Carlstadt, N.J., where I attended the grand opening of Hyundai Wia Machine America (HWMA) Corporation’s new corporate headquarters and technical center. The 88,000-square-foot facility features more than 21,500 square feet of office space along with a 66,500-square-foot showroom and warehouse. While the facility is quite impressive, with a variety of energy-efficient features and advanced automation offices to support its one-stop-solution sales approach, the introduction of 13 new machines to coincide with the opening also goes a long way in representing the company’s expansion, as well as commitment to existing and potential customers in North and South America.

As parent company Hyundai Motors has increased market share in the U.S. through recognition of its automobile quality, HWMA has been able to capitalize on this reputation to increase machine tool sales as well. “We have implemented some of the same quality control measures in the manufacturing and assembly of our machines,” says H.S. Lheem, president and CEO of Hyundai Wia Corp. “Two years ago, I implemented new quality control programs designed to detect and correct manufacturing issues before reaching assembly. We now have in place new procedures to detect and correct assembly issues before reaching the testing phase for the machines.”

The new facility, which allows the company to quote and develop complete turnkeys for customers, provides the necessary space, engineering capability and the machines all under the same roof. According to K.H. Park, HWMA president, the ability to show machines in this technical center allows it to be used to educate dealers and customers. “The new headquarters has a technical center, warehouse and machine part room to not only support customers with prompt action, but to stabilize sales and promotional activities,” he says.

The company is looking to expand its product line in several areas. It is developing additional features on some of the existing machines as well as developing some new machines beyond the recent product introductions. Industries it is reaching out to better serve include oil and gas, hydraulic fracturing and the IT industry.