11/21/2007 | 2 MINUTE READ

New For The New Year

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A trade magazine, like Production Machining, is built on the concept of a contract. The parties involved are you (the readers of the magazine) the advertisers who support it and the editorial staff that tries to generate a compelling mix of useful information.

Like most contracts today, there is a need for confirmation and verification that the information presented is truthful. In business publishing, such oversight is provided by a third party, called BPA (Business of Performing Audits) International, which examines our circulation list annually to verify that it is what we say it is.

Therefore, because our publication is audited by this third party to ensure that you are qualified, we must annually request that you renew your subscription by updating your information.

The form on the front cover of this month's issue is our polite way of asking if you wish to continue to receive PM each month. We've made it easy for you to renew by doing one of the following:

Visit www.productionmachining.com/subscribe and follow the simple steps to renew.
Fill out the card on the front of this month's issue and fax it back to us at (513) 527-8830.
Fill out the card and mail it to us postage-free

Doing any of these will keep the magazine coming to you each month, uninterrupted.
Production Machining is a controlled circulation magazine, meaning it is offered to qualified subscribers free of charge. "Qualified subscribers" are defined as individuals in company management, production or engineering within the precision parts manufacturing industry.

So why not just send the magazine willy-nilly to anyone who wants it? Well, that's where our advertisers come into the equation. You get the magazine at no change because they pay the bills for it to be published.

Advertisers look to a trade magazine to attract a specific group of readers who can directly or indirectly influence the purchase of the advertiser's product or service. Hence, in order to qualify the circulation, we need for you to renew your subscription. It is our hope that the editorial product we put together each issue provides incentive for qualified subscribers to receive the magazine. That's where we editors come in.

Our goal each issue is to publish articles, illustrations and other information that helps you do your job more efficiently. Moreover, by reading about technologies (and applications of technologies), perhaps an idea might be triggered in your shop that leads to better, faster or cheaper processes and more profit for your business. In many ways, the editorial staff of a trade magazine can serve as the eyes and ears for those who are not able to visit the shops, trade shows and OEMs that we have the opportunity to see.

In a nutshell, that's how a controlled circulation trade magazine works. The foundation is a solid, accurate circulation list. Without that, the advertisers won't support the magazine. Relevant and current editorial attracts readers.

It's a full circle that begins with renewing your subscription. If you believe the magazine provides value, please use the Internet, fax or mail to let us know.