Open Doors Can Open Minds


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Increasingly, the message to manufacturers looking to keep manufacturing strong for the future is that it’s up to us as an industry to get the message out. There is no help coming from anybody but us.

To that end and as part of its Discover 2013 technology and education event October 8-16 at company headquarters in Florence, Ky., Mazak is hosting an open house on October 7 for students from the surrounding areas. The 1-day event is designed to help promote and generate interest in manufacturing as a viable and lucrative career path.

Seeing is believing, and with tours of the company’s production facility and technical center in Florence, the young guests will be exposed to manufacturing at its very best. Schools from the greater Cincinnati area have committed to participate in the open house and expose students to possible futures in manufacturing. This is a good thing.

Moreover, it is an example of activities that can be done in all parts of the country and by companies of all sizes. We need these young people to understand that modern manufacturing is cool, and the many misconceptions about it are simply wrong and out of date. The future of making things in America depends on educating our youth about its importance, and it is our job to do this. Open doors can indeed open minds.

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