PM News:Davenport And Technical College Collaborate


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Davenport And Technical College Collaborate
Davenport Machine (Rochester, New York) has donated equipment worth more than $200,000 for use in research and development at the Earl W. Brinkman Machine Tool Lab, located at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The lab focuses on state-of-the-art education and training in machine tools and works to develop new techniques, using the latest technology, to increase the competitiveness, efficiency and environmental quality of manufacturing systems.

The Davenport equipment, including a Servo B five-spindle automatic screw machine, will be used in Brinkman Lab’s ongoing research in machine tools and its work with industry partners to improve product manufacturing. RIT students and faculty will also use the technology through classroom experiences, co-op assignments and graduate and undergraduate research projects. Contact Davenport at (800) 344-5748.

Since 1981, the Federal R&D Tax Credit program has been used by the most technologically sophisticated companies. In 2001, the U.S. tax laws were modified to further encourage investments in companies and to stimulate innovation in the market. Yet many companies do not take full advantage of this resource. The R&D tax credits are not tax shelters—they are government-sponsored programs and are backed by the IRS, Congress and the current administration. The tax credit can be an immediate source of cash, a permanent tax savings, and future tax savings and can reduce overall effective tax rate. In order to qualify, the company must have developed new manufacturing processes; innovated improvements to its manufacturing; improved or modified its operations for ISO certification, AS certification and the like; participated in the engineering, design or development of a new product for itself or for a client or innovated improvements to an existing product for itself or for a customer.
Contact Frank Saya at (303) 638-3170 or fsaya@axiomsolutions.com.

The manufacturing and software group, Planit Holdings (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), acquired the CAM software company, Pathtrace Systems Inc. (Southfield, Michigan). This acquisition is another step in Planit’s CAM consolidation strategy and, with market leadership already achieved in wood, stone and sheet metal, the addition of Pathtrace to the group provides a major development in the engineering arena making Planit a dominant player with more than 50,000 customers worldwide.
“Pathtrace’s principle product line, EdgeCAM, is a well respected and highly capable off-line programming system, which complements our existing strengths in the engineering sector,” says Planit’s Chief Operating Officer Bryan Pryce. Contact Stephen Hard at (205) 556-9199 x3000 or stephen.hard@planitsolutions.com.

Walter, Titex and Prototyp—brands of Walter USA, Inc. (Waukesha, Wisconsin)—will coordinate their operations in North America. They will continue to exist as separate brands within the combined organization. All back office functions will be merged, while sales forces and distributor networks will remain separate. The name of the organization will be Walter USA.

The new organization will provide customers with the combined offer of all three brands including indexable cutting tools for turning, milling and drilling operations as well as solid carbide and high speed steel drills, taps and end mills. This product strategy strengthens the OEM product offering without compromising the brand equity for which each brand stands. Cooperation and synergies in combined supply and support functions will further increase efficiency of operations. The new organization will enhance market coverage and customer satisfaction. Contact Muff Tanriverdi at muff.tanriverdi@walter-ag.com.

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (Los Angeles, California) and Earle M. Jorgensen Company (Lynwood, California) have announced a definitive merger agreement in which Reliance will acquire Jorgensen. This transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2006.

In a strategic move that will position both companies to better serve their customers, the acquisition will significantly expand Reliance’s geographic reach and product diversification. Contact Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. at www.rsac.com.