PM's Blog is not Social, It's Business



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Social media is all the rage. However, silly words like tweet, friending and blog tend to mask the potential usefulness of these Internet tools for the more serious business of business. You don’t care about what I’m having for breakfast, but you may be interested in a shop visit I made today, what I saw there or the things I heard about precision machining on a trip overseas. I believe this to be true because for more than 13 years, readers have continued to ask to receive Production Machining magazine each month, which is where we’ve reported such things and much more.

Well, we’re upping our game with the launch of a new blog that will reside on the home page of our website. Sometimes updating you on a monthly basis about what’s happening in precision machined parts manufacturing isn’t timely enough. Our world is moving very fast. The hope is a blog, updated 3 to 4 times a week, will provide an additional source of information for you.

When you visit the blog, there will be reports on our travels, updates on articles and shops we’ve visited, guest bloggers and more timely industry news. As we launch this, it is understood to be a work in process and your help will help mold it into an increasingly useful tool. All you need do is check out our blog at productionmachining.com and let us know what you think—additions or deletions. This medium works best interactively, and you are welcome to participate. Let us hear from you.