PMTS is Worth the Wait

Some people may find it silly to get particularly excited about a trade show, but the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) elicits such emotion in me, and I suspect in many others within our tight-knit industry.

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It’s finally show time! Some people may find it silly to get particularly excited about a trade show, but the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) elicits such emotion in me, and I suspect in many others within our tight-knit industry. This is the only one in North America dedicated to the precision machining industry, specifically targeting the products and services that shops in our world use every day.

Is that show description something to get excited about? Well, of course! But I think there’s something beyond PMTS’s well-established focus that makes it even more attractive. For me, a combination of several important aspects of the show make it an event that I not only can’t afford to miss, but I look forward to for a long time.

The People. Certainly a significant reason why the people at the show—both exhibitors and attendees—are a draw for me links to the focus of the show itself. They’re interested in buying and selling the equipment and services that I write about every day, so I enjoy talking to them to learn about new trends and technology and discover hot topics that readers may want to investigate. But the quality of the people—their personalities—make the social aspect of the show thoroughly enjoyable. I’m not sure why, but something about working with precision machined parts seems to draw out the best in people—enthusiasm, sincerity, compassion, creativity, determination. And yes, these same people show up at other shows, but they’re so much easier to find at PMTS.

PMPA Technical Conference. Immediately preceding the show (April 19-21), and also at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) hosts its annual National Technical Conference. Acting as a prelude to PMTS during show years, this event brings together a combination of shop personnel and professional speakers to present more than 30 training and networking sessions covering significant technical, quality and management themes. The conference not only sets the tone for the rest of the week; it plays a significant role in contributing to the vast learning opportunities that are available. More information can be found at

PCx. The Parts Cleaning Conference and Pavilion is a great extension to the show floor, bringing additional educational opportunities, technological innovations, and products that tie in closely with the objective of producing higher quality precision parts. This part of the week’s activities is near and dear to my heart, as I have been paying close attention to the parts cleaning market for the past 6 years. Through my involvement in Production Machining’s quarterly Parts Cleaning sections and other related projects, I have developed some great relationships with suppliers in this segment as well. This group, too, is wonderful to mingle with, share challenges from the shop floor, and discuss potential solutions toward higher quality and productivity. Conference sessions are well planned to address issues commonly faced, and PCx supplier booths are grouped on the show floor to allow for easy identification. Learn more at

Location. Every PMTS (this is the eighth) has been held at the convention center in Columbus, Ohio. I understand that Columbus is not a short 100-mile drive for everyone, as it is for me, but the city’s international airport is highly accessible and only a 10-minute drive to the show. The convention center, with several reasonably priced hotels within walking distance, is surrounded by entertainment districts in which every attendee should be able to find something appealing. The show facilities are very efficient, with all of the booth space located on a single floor in three adjoining halls. Conference sessions are in rooms only a few steps away from the show floor. I can’t think of another show that packs this much punch into such a convenient package.

Considering the many strengths of the show, it’s not surprising that PMTS recently qualified in all three categories (total square footage, total number of attendees, and total number of exhibitors) in Trade Show Executive’s “Fastest 50 Class of 2014”—a list of the fastest growing tradeshows across multiple industries. It’s a show that fits perfectly into the interests of its target audience, and one that I, as part of that target audience, can’t wait to experience once again.

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