Serendipity: Where You Find It

 PM E-newsletter for February 2009


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Because I travel a lot, I’ve become very familiar and fond of serendipity—“finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.” I can honestly say that I have never not experienced serendipity even if I’m visiting the same place for the tenth time.

In part, experiencing serendipity is a function of attitude. One must be open to it and looking for it. But most important, you’ve got to go where it is.

I’ve travelled with too many colleagues who focus so tightly on the mission; they miss many of the “valuable and agreeable things” that are in plain sight. It’s like blinders on a horse. When asked, “How was the trip?” they reply, “I didn’t see anything new.”

I respectfully disagree. There is always something new if you just look closely enough. The simple key is to be there.

In April there is an opportunity to experience serendipity, if you’re willing. From the 28th through the 30th, the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) is open to all in Columbus. Even if you’ve been before, there is serendipity to be found on display at PMTS.

The PMPA has assembled about 200 exhibitors, all with products, services and processes specific to your business. Invest a little time to visit PMTS and see what you know about and find “valuable and agreeable things” you weren’t looking for. Please visit the PMTS Web site for details and registration information.