12/12/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Shooting for the Stars in Weapons Manufacturing

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Although my knowledge of firearms and other weapons may still be pretty limited, I’ve learned a lot about production of related components from the pages of Production Machining. Here are some good articles.


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Seems to me a relatively large percentage of people in manufacturing enjoy guns, whether as collectors or as hunters and shooters. I have some friends outside the industry who are also active in this pastime and have a good bit of knowledge. Personally, I do not have a lot of experience shooting and can’t claim to know much about firearms regulations. But when we get into conversations about weapons manufacturing, I usually have something interesting to contribute.

With a big-picture view of the precision parts market, I’ve had the opportunity to see and learn a fair amount about what is involved in the production of weaponry components. It’s been fun to share this information with friends who otherwise consider themselves far more knowledgeable about firearms. Here are a few examples of related articles that have run in Production Machining.

Precision Workholding Keeps Quality High for Gun Manufacturer” examines a shop that implemented a new, high precision workholding system to improve quality and production of its multiple barrel variations for AR-15 rifles. The company has been able to extend tool life while increasing depth of cut and maximizing spindle RPM.

Read about a father and son team that recently moved from medical implant manufacturing to weaponry components in “Locked and Loaded for Further Growth in Firearms Production.” This company does everything from full assembly of light firearms to components for grenade launchers, suppressors and IED finders.

In “Multitasking Helps Detroit Shop,” learn about a shop that has found the right fit with a versatile machine for its bolt carrier parts. The multitasking turning center offers the horsepower and rigidity to hold tight tolerances on the OD while holding concentricity and tolerance requirements on the ID. The milling features add yet another level of complexity.

We work in a cool segment of manufacturing that specializes in the production of precision parts used in various industries. Firearms and weapon components make up only a part of this group, but seeing the advanced technology applied can be quite rewarding.